Vendor Invoice Access

Vendor Invoice Access


Want more control when it comes to finding out what is actually being delivered to us? 

Vendor Invoice Access was designed for you to have more control. 

By activating this annual upgrade, you now have full access to all vendor invoices that are delivered to us, this is handy not only for pricing, launching and other prepping needs, you can also direct where to ship product based invoice. We have found that it is a valuable tool when one or more locations are involved. 

*please be advised that this is a annual upgrade that is recommended for non member and bloom members, all other memberships have this feature added.

**please be advise that you can request vendors invoices direct from “vendors” this service is designed to save you time and the stress of having to request invoices from multiple vendors. 

***please be advices that this is a non refundable, non transferable, non exchange service which expires 12 months from the day you process it.