Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it mandatory for me to make my garment labels thru CNS?

CNS ~ It is not mandatory for CNS to create your labels thru our vendor, you can always provide them for us to apply. 

2. What is the minimums?

CNS ~ Minimums for private labeling start at 6 pieces per style per color, while minimums to create your garment labels with our vendor start with 2,000 labels with size breaks.

3. What if I don't have 2,000 pieces to start with?

CNS ~ The garment label minimum of 2,000 labels does not mean that you have to provide us with all 2,000 garment at the same time, once your labels arrive we will store them in house and will only use as needed when items start coming in to get worked on.

4. What if I order 3 pieces of one style, I will only be charged for the 3 pieces correct?

CNS ~ The minimum is 6 pieces per style per color, this means that if you bring in 2 pieces of a style in one color and another 2 pieces of another style and color, you will be billed as 12 pieces. This is because we color match the color of the garment with the color of the thread we are applying your label with. 

5. Since the minimum is 6 pieces can I bring In 3 pieces one day and the remaining 3 pieces after my photoshoot?

CNS ~ We color match the thread color with the color of the garment, this means that ever time its a new style or a new color, we have to recalibrate the machine. This means that if today you bring us 3 pieces, we would bill you as 6 pieces, and if you bring us the remaining 3 pieces the following day, we will have to bill you again for 6 pieces since it was not imputed at the same time into machines. 

6. Is the cost of the private labeling included in the cost to make the label?

CNS ~ They are two completely different services, one is the creation of your garment label and another would be to actually go thru the process in house to private label.

7. I noticed the care label also has the vendor name, this is included in the private labeling cost right?

CNS ~ The care label is not always branded with the vendors name. This services would have to be requested to one of our team members in advance to make sure your items are scheduled correctly to reduce the possibility of having delays. 

8. Can you please not throw away the bags the garments come in and include them in my shipment.

CNS ~ All packaging materials are discarded, only if the poly bag is a zippier plastic bag, then we can hold and ship with your items, otherwise the bags do rip 90% of the time therefor making it very impossible to save any for later use.

9. I saw you get 10% off the orders when we say we saw the video from Jackie

CNS ~ That video was actually release in March of 2019 and the code expired in December of 2019. 

10. Is the consolidation fee the cost of shipping?

CNS ~ The consolidating fee is to make sure that we ship out in the least amount of boxes whenever possible therefor reducing your shipping overhead. Shipping is bill seperatly.

11. I noticed that you guys packed my orders in multiple boxes.

CNS ~ Due to our processing times and processing methods, it is your priority to try and get your product out as soon as possible, If we receive 2 vendors on Monday and 3 vendors until Wednesday, more than likely you will have the first two vendors in one box and the other in a second box.

12. What are your turnaround times.

CNS ~ For the production of labels, 20 to 30 Business days,

~ For the private labeling it is 2-6 business days.

**please be advised these are estimates since there are a lot of moving parts that can cause delays on processing times** 

13. So does it always take 24 business days to process orders. 

CNS ~ The production of labels is different from the actual placement of them, once we have your labels, we will only experience the 2-6 business days when ever items arrive to our location to be worked on.

14. Why are my label orders delayed?

CNS ~ Label orders come from overseas, sometimes there are logistical delays which are out of our control, rest assure we are in constant with the vendors to try and reduce the delays whenever possible. 

15. You have had my orders for more than the 4 business day period, you lied about the turn around times.

CNS ~ In the event there are erroneous items in your order such as wrong style or wrong color or missing items, we  have to wait for vendor to rectify the issue and make sure that we ship exactly what the invoice says, most of the time vendors are pretty fast about fixing issues however be advised that they are a completely different company and every vendor is also different, at times they do take a couple more days that usually to fix the issue.

16. Can I just bring in goods to be labeled, how much would it be if I just bring in 100 pieces.

CNS ~ Yes, you can bring in your items, please make sure that we either have your labels in-house or you bring them with your goods for us to apply. The cost varies depending if you are a member or not, Non member private labeling is $2.75 per piece + the consolidating fee which varies depending if we pack in a box or a bag. 

17. What if the currier looses my package once CNS shipped it out. 

CNS ~ If package is confirmed lost and you acquired a CNS insurance plan we will cover the amount you processed as coverage, this is only valid if it is within the claim is processing time. If you did not purchase any insurance, the customer is responsible for contacting the currier. CNS is not liable for any third party loss of package. We are only liable if insurance package is purchase for that month. 

18. Can I just make the labels and have them shipped to me. 

CNS ~ Yes, Although we highly recommend having CNS take care of your private labeling needs. Once labels arrive we can send you a shipping link.

19. My care labels have the vendor name on it. I paid you to private label. 

 CNS ~ Care label change is not included in the private labeling service, this is because most of the time the name of the vendor is not on the care label, therefor it does not need to be exchanged. If you would like this services, please request at time of setting up your account to assure proper notes are placed.