Expired Renewal

Expired Renewal


Did your membership expire and wish to keep your old rate private labeling rate? 

No Problem, CNS has an option for you. 

When you process this reactivation, your account will go back to your previous rate prior to Membership expiration. 

Reactivation will be for the most recent expired BLOOM membership and is only applicable to Private labeling. Consolidating and other services do not apply. 

*This is only for expired Bloom Memberships

**Please be advised that this reactivation will not retroactively collect any missed benefits such as rewards or credit any orders processed at regular rate. This is strictly to bring your old price back to current and benefit from any new orders at your old rate. **

 ***$500***This is a non-refundable renewal that will be billed annually, this transaction is not eligible for transfer, refund or chargebacks. NO EXCEPTIONS.