Fulfillment Step 3

1 produit

Great! Now that we have taken care of step 1 and 2, lets move forward with the 3rd step to creating your account.
So what are we going to store and fulfill?
Here you can consider this as your warehouse lease payment, now un like a lease payment you are not bound by a large monthly payment and a long lease term.
With CNS if you use less space, your fee will be less, if you require more space we can definitely accommodate you as well. 
Let's say you are primarily selling apparel the fee would be $0.80 per piece per month. 
Example: 200 pieces on a monthly basis = $160 for that month.
Imagine!!! That's your warehouse rent.  
Now the nice thing about our storage plans are the flexibility that are offered, for example, if we do an inventory count for this month and your total pieces are 200, these are the only pieces you will be billed for the month, if in the middle on of the month we receive 400 more, you won't be billed for this, you will only be billed for whatever product is still on hand when we do the next inventory check, this inventory check is done on a monthly basis, typically ever 15th of the month.