CNS E-Com Fulfillment

CNS E-Com Fulfillment


Introducing CNS E-com Shipping Pass for 5oz Packages or Less: Simplify and Stabilize Your Shipping Costs

Are you tired of the unpredictability of shipping expenses eating into your profits? Look no further – our CNS E-com Shipping Pass is here to transform how you manage your shipping costs for accessories and smaller packages.

Single shipment @ $8.00

50 shipment prepaid @ $7.00/shipment

100 shipment prepaid @ $6.75/shipment

200 shipment prepaid @ $6.50/shipment

500 shipment prepaid @ $6.00/shipment

1000 shipment prepaid @ $5.50/shipment

Key Features:

1. Predictability, No Surprises: Say goodbye to fluctuating shipping costs with our CNS E-com Shipping Pass. We offer transparent pricing, empowering you to budget effectively and plan with confidence.

2. Cost Savings: Experience significant savings on shipping expenses without sacrificing quality. Our flat-rate system optimizes costs while ensuring efficient service.

3. Simplified Logistics: Navigate shipping logistics effortlessly. Our service removes the complexity of rate charts and unexpected surcharges, streamlining your shipping operations.

4. Customized Solutions: Tailored flat-rate shipping options to suit your unique business needs, whether shipping locally or globally.

5. Packing Materials Included: Opt for bundle shipping and receive complimentary packing materials like boxes and mailers, ensuring secure and professional packaging at no extra cost.

6. Reliable Delivery: Trust in timely and secure deliveries, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How It Works:

1. Sign Up: Get started easily by signing up for our CNS E-com Shipping Pass, and we'll guide you through onboarding.

2. Choose Your Plan: Select a flat-rate shipping plan that fits your shipping volume and requirements.

3. Activate Bundle Shipping: Unlock the benefit of included packing materials by opting for bundle shipping.

4. Ship with Confidence: Start shipping confidently with predictable costs and reliable service.

Make a strategic move towards cost efficiency and reliability. Choose CNS E-com Shipping Pass and regain control of your shipping expenses today.

Sign up now and experience shipping simplicity like never before!

Note: We are not liable for any lost or non-tracking packages. Claims must be filed directly with the courier. Transit times are standard and not guaranteed. Flat rates are only available within the continental US.