Custom Elegant hang tags


Custom Hang tags serve several important purposes in the world of fashion and apparel, including:

  1. Branding: A hang tag can serve as a mini billboard for a brand, showcasing its logo, colors, and aesthetic.

  2. Product Information: Hang tags can include important information such as the product name, materials used, care instructions, and sizing information.

  3. Marketing: Hang tags can be used to promote a product, offering special discounts or promotions to customers.

  4. Quality Control: Hang tags can also serve as a way to ensure the authenticity and quality of a product, helping to prevent counterfeiting.

Overall, hang tags play a crucial role in establishing brand identity, communicating product information, and enhancing the customer experience for apparel and accessories.

Custom hang tags come with a thread and clip; card stock is a sticker and more durable elevating the look of your items even more. 

Custom dimensions are 3X2 or 2X2 (other dimensions available)

3,000 Full color front/back 

Cost: Remaining balance to start production $1170

average cost per piece $0.39/pc


5,000 Full color front/back 

Cost: Remaining balance to start production $1400

average cost per piece $0.28/label


10,000 Full color front/back 

Cost: Remaining balance to start production $2200

average cost per piece $0.22/label


*** $150.00*** is required prior to start any artwork process. This is a nonrefundable deposit.

All Payments are Final. NO EXCEPTIONS

Production turnaround times are 15 to 20 business days once digital sample has been approved and payment link for remaining balance has been process.

Hang Tag orders are final, no refunds or exchanges will be issued, funds cannot be transferred to other services.


**Hang tag production will be a 99.9% identical reflection of approved digital sample showing on finish product**

*** Hang Tag Placement is not included in the production cost***